Time to Freshen Up?

Does your website look tired? Are the cracks in your marketing plan starting to show? Wrinkles in your Social media?Innovate Connect Optimized for Mobile Devices, WordPress Training, Responsive

Maybe it’s time for a Digital Facelift!

Innovate Connect are specialists in Web and Social Marketing strategies that place you back in control of your business. We like to do things differently, delivering concise and jargon free training, empowering you to take back control of your on-line presence.

So do you need a Review, Refresh, to Reconnect or Renew?


Do you need a free, no-obligation Review of your current on-line situation? Yes? Then give us a call right away! We will arrange time with you either at our office or remotely to talk through your current web status and discuss your options moving forward.


Is your current website looking out of date? Did your last web developers leave you in the dark of how to add new information? Does your website display correctly on smartphones and tablets? Then a Refresh is in order.

“We build stunning WordPress sites, giving you control”

Refresh takes your current website and brings it slap bang up to date. We ensure your site is effective, concise and on brand. We build sites on the WordPress platform and train you how to update and edit as often as you need to. There’s no need to learn complicated web codes and syntax, Just straight forward simple interfaces that allow you to be in control of your message.


Are your e-mail campaigns struggling? Are your social accounts reaching the right people? Then it’s time to Reconnect!

We appreciate how critical communication is to the success of your business. Whether it’s the written or spoken word, traditional or social media or internal or external communications, we will ensure your chosen communication method embraces your brand and image. It’s a key piece in the jigsaw of your future growth and success.

“Great communication is knowing what to say and how and where to say it.”

We also realise how that’s its important to have a viable social media strategy, one that is achievable.  As part of our process we will help you assess what will work best for you and your company.


Combining both aspects of our Refresh and Reconnect options, Renew provides an opportunity to fully revitalise your on-line presence and get you back on track.


For more details regarding your options with Innovate Connect or to discuss a more bespoke package drop us a line on 01484 506312 or e-mail info@innovateconnect.co.uk


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