iPhone: A Jack of all trades

As with the lead up to any new Apple product launch, the rumour mill is rife with tales of design, features and that next genre defying move.apple logo

The hottest at the moment is talk surrounding the humble Headphone Jack. In Apple’s endeavour to create the thinnest products on the market (although since the iPhone 6 “Bendgate” in 2014, they should probably stop) there is rumour that the headphone jack is just too large for the modern consumer. The alternative would be headphones that plug in through the lightning port on the bottom of the phone (more commonly for the power cable) giving them an extra few millimeters to shave off.

I suppose Apple would ship new “Lightning Headphones” with the new products but these can often be uncomfortable to use. When i got my iPhone those Apple Headphones were replaced straightaway for a more comfortable pair. Apple may provide an adapter so you can connect a standard pair but this would be bulky and would mean yet another bit of kit you need to carry around with you all day. With more people fancying a move to Bluetooth headphones, maybe the need of a headphone jack is just a 20th Century thing we need to drop.lightning_usb_cable

Although these are all just rumours, remember that Apple are generally the ones that push ahead of the curve on their Tech releases. Remember the outcry when they announced a mobile phone with no buttons, just one big touchscreen! Or removing Floppy disc drives from the iMac and DVD drives from the Macbook Air. Now the new Macbook just has one Port to handle everything from Data Transfer to Power.

Whatever they plan to do, as we’ve seen before, Apple’s competitors are sure to follow. However, the thinner it becomes, just remember to take it out of your pockets before you sit down!


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