Google’s Android Apps are coming to a Chromebook near you!

Chromebook users rejoice!

Google will soon be opening up access to it’s vault of Android APK’s to Chromebook users.Innovate Connect Chromebook Image

Eagle eyed Chrome OS users spotted a new setting in a beta version (v51 of Chrome OS) that allows you to “Enable Android apps to run on your Chromebook.”

This is great news for any Chromebook Users (our own Matt at Innovate Connect being a big Chrome Book campaigner) as it allows your device to become even more flexible and efficient for all your day to day tasks. Having access to a potential marketplace of over 1 Million apps will start to lower those raised eyebrows every time a Chromebook is mentioned, and turn it into a real Windows and Mac contender.  With the recent addition of the Microsoft Office line to the Google Play store now more then ever business users can ditch those cumbersome workbooks for a lightweight and low cost machine.

Before you go rushing to try this be warned that this feature is currently in a beta state and you have to be registered as a google developer for access.

More details are expected to be released in May at Googles I/O Conference.




Sources: The Verge

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