Facebook – To Tip or Not to Tip? This is the new question!

Gone are the days of tracking your social success via “Likes” and “Faves”. Soon the public will be able to show their love of your posts by paying you! facebook

Facebook are rumoured to be launching a “tip jar” style service where users will be able to award favourite posts from communicators with cold hard cash.

Subscription services already exist for many communicators where users can pay a monthly subscription of their choosing for video content, articles and even podcasts, but this will be the first time users will be able to award a monetary value to posts on Facebook they deem worthy.

What hasn’t been mentioned is how much money Facebook would potentially take as a cut of those royalties, and this seems like a huge revenue opportunity not just for creators but for Facebook themselves!

Soon those funny cat videos you post every week could be earning you a new home!

And if you see this post on Facebook, i’d say 50p is about right.



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