innovate connect is a new type of agency created and run by cloud and business specialist Matt Holmes (who has experience of helping the Government set up online initiatives, founding and running his own multi-national cloud software company, and has been involved in creating industry standards and regulatory bodies).

Our USP is that, unlike traditional web design agencies, we focus on creating a web presence that works for you and achieves your marketing goals and we use our extensive business, strategy and web experience to do this for you.

We aim to give you an effective and usable business tool rather something that looks fantastic but doesn’t necessarily do what you need it to do.

Because of this, we only build WordPress sites and only use existing professionally-created WordPress themes that can be customised to your needs.


innovate connect is part of the innovate now group.


Innovate Futures is supported by its sister company, Innovate Now, which provides focused strategic visioning and planning development, business advice, coaching and mentoring across a wide spectrum of business areas specialising in High Growth and Innovative businesses who want to make a bigger impact within their target market.  All our client facing team have started and managed their own successful businesses operating across a broad spectrum of industry sectors. At our client “Insight” discussions we use the latest visioning techniques to gain a detailed overview of our clients businesses and create a strategic action plan to take them from initial concept to launch and beyond. We have a depth of knowledge and experience supporting individuals and businesses of all sizes and sector types.


Innovate Futures is backed by a technical team with over 500 projects to our credit. We are expert at creating sites that turn your prospects into your customers. We focus on why your potential customers should choose you or your products. Your website can often be the first impression someone has of you and your business and as we all know, first impressions count. This is why we create websites that are visually engaging, clear and informative and fit with your marketing, sales and PR strategies. We use well known, efficient software that gives you greater flexibility to see your web presence work for you.


Getting your business recognised, and your PR and marketing messages heard, requires great communication and we have a team that can deliver just that.  Our Marketing Manager will manage your project and co-ordinate all aspects to its successful completion and ensure that your business is represented cohesively and accurately. We also have a team of industry professionals who are there to deliver other aspects of the project including copywriting, marketing strategies and PR plans to ensure that your business is the best it can be and that it is well represented in all its communications.